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Monday, 25 April 2016

Jana Sippl

  1. Jana last competed in 2008 and was the biggest pro at the time. With a competition weight of 185lbs and a height of 5'7'', that's pretty damn big. 
  2. I'm not really a fan of many of my favorites whilst they're in competition shape. I'm convinced that they lose muscle mass whilst dieting and compared with their off season, may look, well, not nearly as good. 
In Jana's case though, I prefer her in competition shape. She doesn't look gaunt, tired and drained like some other women. And 185 at such a low bodyfat is massive. I've put a few of the most popular posts up front just to make absolutely sure that you all get a good look at some of our most popular posts. I think the 6 minute video (again, you won't find this in any other place, unless you pay which I did) So, here's another classic post for you to enjoy again

 One of the biggest IFBB pros, the very sexy and massive German Jana Sippl


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